Mediated Interactions

Throughout 2021 I am working on a research led Honours project at the University of New South Wales, Art & Design, Sydney, Australia. The traditional custodians of this place where I live are the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation. Sovereignty of this land where I live was never ceded.


I am a 'settler coloniser' who came here from Aotearoa, New Zealand over 30 years ago.1  I am using the privilege of my education to prioritise the 'process and practices with which settler colonisers may begin to participate in the work of bureaucratic, cultural, linguistic and psychological decolonisation'.2 I am researching, among other things, how to develop a decolonisation practice using Maori analysis, the indigenous people of Aotearoa, New Zealand.3 This means 'I recognise Maori as tangata whenua [people of the land]: by learning about the meaning of tangata whenua in the Maori sense'.4  


Maori and Aboriginal culture share similar knowledge and awareness of being inextricably part of the environment and everything in the world being alive - animals, trees, rains, sun, moon, rocks, hills, and people all being conscious.5  These short video poems are brief mediated representations of the interconnectivity that exists between myself and all things, animate and inanimate. 

Female gaze in Autumn

(self portrait)

April 2021

(Only if words are felt)

the tree outside my window,

in dialogue with me.

May 2021

Deep Water Listening


May 2021

Myth of place

(Gundangurra country)

June 2021

'Velvet Cloak' Cotinus coggygria

(Gundangurra country)

June 2021

       Weaving Gulgadya

 (Gundungurra and Darug country)

May 2021

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